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Saturday, August 24th @ 1:30PM @ PWC (See Details Below!)

Birth + Beyond: Expecting Parent Workshop!

We invite you to attend our latest workshop, Birth + Beyond: Nurturing Your Nervous System from Pregnancy Through Birth!

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Creating a Balanced + Regulated Nervous System to Avoid Prenatal Stress

Hormonal Changes 

Prenatal stress activates the body's stress response, releasing stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. While these hormones are essential for short-term stress responses, chronic exposure can be harmful.


Immune System Impact 

Prolonged stress can affect the immune system, potentially increasing the risk of infections or other health issues for the expectant mother.



Neurological Development For Baby 

Your developing baby is sensitive to the hormonal changes associated with maternal stress. Prenatal stress may influence the development of the infant brain and nervous system.


And Instead Experience... 

✔️ Better hormonal regulation

✔️ Improved blood pressure and breathing regulation

✔️ Stronger immune response

✔️ Improved emotional regulation and stress response

✔️ Better sleep and improved energy levels

✔️ Optimal development and positioning for
your growing baby



Birth + Beyond









Hi Mamas,

After caring for pregnant moms and new moms for over 16 years, there's one thing we know for sure... there is NO one perfect pregnancy and delivery that fits everyone.

In fact, planning for the perfect pregnancy and delivery means planning for the imperfect moments and the bumps in the road!

We also know that many moms-to-be (and dads) don't realize how MANY CHOICES you have when it comes to your care, support and steps to achieving your perfect pregnancy (whatever that may be!).

This is exactly why we’re excited for you to join us to learn HOW to design your perfect pregnancy and delivery AND what to do if things don't go quite as planned. In fact, we will share with you how we made decisions throughout each of our pregnancies... if you know the PWC team, you know we have had LOTS of babies. 😂

We will treat you to appetizers, beverages and connection with like-minded families and providers.

After you've filled your cup, We’ll dive in to show you options for your pregnancy that you may not have ever discovered!

You do NOT have to struggle through...

• Uncomfortable Digestion
• Swelling
• Overwhelming Fatigue
• Low Back/Pelvic Pain
• Lack of Sleep

Of course, if you have personal questions about your pregnancy (sleep, mood, pain, birth plans, etc...) the PWC Care Team will be ready to HELP YOU! We can't wait to raise our mocktail glass with you and celebrate your growing family!!!

See You Soon,
Team PWC

Join Us August 24th @ 1:30 PM!










Meet Some PWC Moms! ❤️

Meet Alex

Alex has a beautiful baby boy named Boden. 👶🏼 For this sweet momma, she had been preparing her body for Boden to arrive long before he came, even before he was conceived! 💪🏻

Alex’s journey with consistent Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care started with preconception. She said “I knew I wanted to start chiropractic care to prepare my body for pregnancy. And after a few months of care, I got pregnant!” Woohoooo! 🎉

After she got pregnant, her journey continued. It was time to prepare her body for labor and delivery! She says, “I knew that regular adjustments and chiropractic care would greatly benefit my pregnancy and therefore the arrival of our baby… and they did! My body adapted so well to the changes it experienced during pregnancy.” 🙌🏻

Then comes the arrival of baby Boden 😊 after a smooth and healthy delivery!

Now it was Boden’s turn too. Alex says, “When Boden was 3 days old, we brought him in for his first adjustment! We have experienced so many positives in his life already and know that chiropractic care has greatly impacted it! From working on improving his latch to hitting the poop button!” 💩IYKYK 😆
(And of course, postpartum adjustments for mom to help her body heal and recover!)

A full-circle experience for a family that is sure to be full of life and love. Congratulations to this growing family! ❤️

Meet Devon

This momma came wanting to feel her best during pregnancy 🤰 and set a healthy foundation for her and her little one on the way. Read her story here! 👇🏼

“I came to the prenatal chiropractor at 18 weeks pregnant. I had just started to have some tailbone/possible sciatica I think from the relaxin coursing through my body at that point. I had also learned that chiropractic care during pregnancy was super beneficial for me and my baby and I wanted to set a healthy foundation for us. 👏
It only took 1-2 adjustments for my tailbone and mild sciatica to be resolved. All of my adjustments from then on were focused on my nervous system health, round ligaments, any type of stress I felt on the days I came in, and keeping me and my baby balanced.

I was also doing yoga poses and stretches to help strengthen my lower back. I believe it was the combination of that and chiropractic care that helped me get back on track so fast. And because I felt results so fast with my tailbone and didn't have any aches and pains throughout my entire pregnancy. I felt great from start to finish! 🤰
Healing postpartum has been a challenge but with the continued adjustments I've been getting, I know my nervous system is getting the care it needs to help keep me healing in the right direction. As for our baby, Ruth, after her adjustments, she is pooping like a champ and she is moving away from the painful belly aches she was having as her digestive system gets the hang of working independently.” 🙌🏻

A healing momma and a healthy baby- what a winning combination! We are so happy for this dynamic duo! ❤️

Meet Allie

Allie and her husband chose to start consistent Neurologically-Focused Perinatal Chiropractic Care 🧠 3 years before even thinking about having a baby! They both were in chiropractic school and had seen so many success stories of couples getting Neurological INSiGHT Scans, a personalized care plan, and working on their health as a whole before conception, and they knew they wanted to take this route as well! Allie said "There are so many things you can do to prepare your body for a baby. Eating nutrient-dense foods, taking supplements, exercising... BUT, the most important part is having a regulated and adaptable nervous system and chiropractic as the foundation, or else nothing else will work quite like they should!"

In 2023, they decided that they were ready for babies, and Allie continued to get adjusted consistently throughout her pregnancy! 🤰🏼 "I was so grateful that I didn't experience any of the common symptoms like nausea, round ligament pain, or extreme exhaustion during my pregnancy. And I know that is because of how hard my husband and I worked in preconception to be the healthiest versions of ourselves and that our nervous systems were so adaptable to the stress that pregnancy brings." Allie said.

The couple had an amazing home birth and their daughter got adjusted within minutes of being born! Allie told us, "Birth was amazing! Was it hard? Absolutely! But with chiropractic care, a regulated nervous system, and all of the prep we did, it was definitely doable! And now our daughter receives weekly adjustments and i am so grateful that she also never experienced colic, reflux, or constipation. If something ever seems a little off, we always get adjusted right away! Thank you to our PWC doc team for being #1 on our birth team!" ❤️

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Birth + Beyond FREE Workshop

Nurturing Your Nervous System
from Pregnancy Through Birth

August 24th at 1:30PM CST at PWC!