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Our team at PWC Chiropractic are experts in prenatal, pediatrics, and family care.



Raising Healthy Kids Naturally

Join Dr. Matthew Hill & Jessica Pawlicki, APRN, and learn the exact steps you can take to finally help your kiddo get over the chronic congestion, inflammation, allergies and struggles!

June 6th @ 6:30PM

Perfect Storm🌪️ Workshop

Join teen health expert Dr. Tony Ebel for an eye-opening, transformative, & practical workshop at PWC in Crystal Lake. Food and drinks included!

June 22nd @ 6:30PM

Interested in Bringing Your Child to PWC for a Perfect Storm Intensive Care Program? 

Our 2 week Intensive Care Program for Perfect Storm families is now available for families all over the world 🌎 ! If you'd like to learn more, simply click below and we'll connect soon! 

Learn More Here

Can't Attend Live? Join Dr. Tony from some Hope, Answers, & Help for your Child!

Watch Online, Right Now.

Find A PX Doc & Find

The primary focus of a Pediatric Chiropractor is to find the root cause(s) of why your child is struggling. For Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and other neurological disorders.

Find articles, webinars, downloads, and a directory of 500+ PX Docs ready to serve your family!



PWC is built with just one thing in mind — your family’s health and happiness. Our team of doctors and care advocates create an incredible healing experience for the toughest of cases such as autism, epilepsy, and special needs, all the way through to well baby checks and family wellness care!


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