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The moment I saw the positive result on a pregnancy test strip, my heart skipped a million beats. The moment we had been waiting for, for quite some time, had actually happened. At that very moment, I couldn’t think of anything else besides “Holy crap, I’m going to be a mom!”. Completely elated with joy and disbelief, I took about 12 more pregnancy tests, that week, just to make sure. I wasn’t a girl who dreamt of having babies. Not that I didn’t want them, I just didn’t even think about it. I thought it might happen one day, and when it does, I’ll figure it out then. I mean, so many people have done it before me and my friends have done it, so clearly I can do it. Then after a while, reality set in, “I’m growing a baby and somehow that baby has to come out of my body!” Truthfully that scared me. As a first time mom, I had NO IDEA what that was going to be like, or feel like; physically or emotionally, and the unknown terrified me. I’ve seen women give birth on tv or in movies and if you don’t know any different, that’ll scare you enough to never have children.

I’m sure many can relate when I say you’re given A LOT of advice from all directions when you’re a new mom, or a soon to be mom. Friends gave me books on what to expect, shared their stories of how they coped with things along the way, and even advice on what to do in the delivery room. All I could do was take it in and continue to do my own research. I had a friend who had dreams of a more natural approach to her birth that she wanted to have in the future, and at first I thought, “yikes, that sounds frightening.” But something inside me thought that maybe that wasn’t such a bad approach. I want a healthy baby, I want an easy delivery, maybe I should start looking into this, too. Heck, I can’t turn down something I know nothing about. I started doing research on how to make labor easier, shorter and have less pain. All the things we want in our dream deliveries, right?! I was determined to find this secret that no one had told me about…on the internet. It was about this time that I found PWC on Facebook through some friends of mine. They did CrossFit just like I did and they had kids, so I trust their decisions in chiropractic. I wasn’t a stranger to chiropractic at this time, and as matter of fact, my chiro told me he adjusted his wife when she was pregnant and their children when they were born. My immediate thought was “Why would you do that?” I never gave it any thought again…until I was about 30 weeks along in my pregnancy and my “natural” research kept telling me that prenatal chiropractic can help with easier, shorter labors. At about 34 weeks, I decided to call PWC and make an appointment. I had a small fear I was too late, but gave it a shot anyways and I am so glad I did! Over the 6 weeks I spent getting adjusted before baby, I felt more educated, more capable and empowered that I CAN DO THIS. The body is a powerful machine and it knows what to do – TRUST IT. Whether you are a first time mom or a mom wanting a different birth this time...I encourage you to attend Delivered with Dr. Ron!


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