PWC Coronavirus Latest Update - Essential Care & Procedures Explained

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020

Hello PWC Tribe! 

It's been quite a week for all of us. We've been keeping constant watch in "command ops" at PWC to make sure we are doing every single thing we can to remain open and able to provide essential care to our patients through these challenging times! 

Please see the video blog here for FULL explanation of why our care has been deemed essential by governing boards and local authorities, and honestly to learn some of the cool science behind chiropractic care that many are not aware of. 

The cliff notes explanation is that chiropractic care is proven to help people need less hospitalizations and medications, so it's crucial we keep providing our care so those things can remain as open and ready to provide their care to those infected and struggling. Put another way, when we stay open it helps them stay open to those who need them! 

From that, it's then crucial you know we are taking every recommended precaution and MORE to keep everyone safe and healthy here at PWC. Those are all explained in the video as well, but in short they look like this: 

  1. Extended special scheduling, spacing everyone out so never more than 10 people at a time in here 
  2. Special hours, special entrances, special adjusting rooms, special staff procedures for those that are immunocompromised or immune challenged 
  3. Constant cleaning and safety precautions followed to a T

Additionally we have provided all sorts of additional educational and health resources for you and your family! We've done multiple Facebook Live videos both ourselves, and in conjunction with other vital health partners Well-Rooted Pediatrics and the Crystal Lake Health Food store! 

Please click on over to our Facebook page and select 'Videos' tab to get all of that amazing information and education! 

PWC Chiropractic Facebook Home Page

And lastly, those community partners and our amazing PWC Team of Docs and CAs has worked to put together a downloadable PDF called "Operation Stay Healthy" that we are making available to our community! 

Access and download that file here: Operation Stay Healthy Guide

We're all in this together, and we'll all get through this together! 

Be well,

Team PWC


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