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Keeping Your Health Team Simple

It's a big decision to choose what "path" 🗺 you want to take with the health of your child, so choosing the best doctor and health care team to guide that path is absolutely crucial. (PS: You'll want to keep reading to hear all about some awesome giveaways!!)



... and let you know a little secret that most people and parents don't know about health these days.

Health is actually super simple. 😁 

We really can break it down to these main 'Core 4' elements: 

  1. The nervous system 🧠 is the boss, make sure it's functioning at full potential and power 💥 at all times. 
  2. Movement 🏃‍♀️ is life - for babies, kids, all of us. 
  3. Sleep 💤  is everything - you can't get too much. 
  4. Live clean - kids and chemicals 🧪 don't mix. 

As we continue the series we'll now break down simple, practical, easy-to-implement steps for each of those Core 4 elements and also explain the science and reasoning behind each one! 

Next up - nerding 🤓 out with neurology 🧠 , where good health starts and stays! 

For now, let it be this simple and straightforward... and get excited about how much health and happiness you can attain with your kiddos and family, without making it overwhelming and complicated! 

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Free boost coupons, new patient special pricing, supplement coupons, local honey, and breathe balms. Drs. Tony and Matt can’t wait to walk you through small changes and support you on your journey for maximum health for your whole family! ♥️ This is an afternoon you won't want to miss!
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