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That sounds too good to be true...

Earlier this week, we provided the first adjustment to a young man who for years had struggled with constant neck and shoulder pain, sinus and respiratory issues 🤒, as well as sleep 🛌  and focus challenges. 

After just 1️⃣  adjustment, he had way less tension in his neck, greatly improved mobility, could breathe 🌬 easier, and felt his brain 🧠 "kick on" again! The smile on this young man's face was truly priceless - he was just so happy 😁 to feel better instantly like that! 

It took me (Dr. T) back nearly 20 years ago to my first adjustment, that immediately began to clear all the same challenges I was having at that age already... chronic neck and shoulder issues that PT, Aleve, and Tylenol 💊  couldn't touch, along with serious sleep, sensory, and focus challenges that had built up over the years. I too had a big, crazy 😊  on my face after that first adjustment as a young college kid, because I just knew it had set me on a new path to a far better life!!! 

One thing that has always kept people from trying chiropractic is that it almost sounds too good to be true. How can doing one singular thing, help so many health challenges all at once!

Sadly we live in a world that is so skeptical and oftentimes overly analytical, and it holds so many back from the healthy life they deserve. People of all sorts work harder to defend their position, rather than be open and empathetic to another one. 

Health care is at the front end of this "segmented life" where regular doctors will prescribe an amazing kid like that muscle relaxers, steroids, and stimulants 💊 💊 💊 and consider that normal... but look at a mom like she has two heads 😜  if she takes her child to a Pediatric & Family Chiropractor. 

Since this email is going out to a list full of our amazing PWC Patient Tribe, I'm sure I'm getting a lot "Yep, I get this all the time." sort of thoughts from you all as you read this. Please still keep sharing the awesomeness of chiropractic with your friends and family, and keep trying to get them to give it a try. We've always found that eventually people do get fed up and tired of another pill 💊  for every ill form of "health" care, and make their way to PWC to get their life back!

Keep sending them our emails, blogs, Facebook educational videos, workshop info, and more! We so insanely appreciate every one of you who not only trusts us with your family's health and well-being but continues to share the hope and help chiropractic can provide with so many others. We still absolutely see a future for our children where chiropractic and drug-free health care is first 1️⃣  choice for them, and drugs 💊 and medicine the last resort instead. We're getting there! 

If today's email has you motivated to try and share chiropractic one more time with a friend or family member, here's the best site for them to Learn More and get connected to what we do and how it works - - we constantly keep that updated with our latest workshops, webinars, and other health events! 

We love ❤️  ya tribe - thank you for falling in love with that One Simple Thing that is so powerful and so helpful! 

God bless and be well, 

Dr. T & The PWC Care Team


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