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Virtual Perfect Storm

Dear Parents (aka newly minted Teachers, Therapists, and Counselors),

We know it’s an extra stressful and difficult time for your family right now with the Covid-19 shut down. No one likes the challenges we all face right now, but families with sensory-challenged children are really feeling it.

On top of all the regular challenges faced each day by Sensory, Anxiety, and ADHD kiddos… now they’re missing that consistent structure of school, supportive therapies, regular social engagement, and just overall are on an upside-down routine each and every day.

It’s stress on top of stress.

Everyone is feeling it. Emotional and behavioral outbursts on the regular for both the kids and honestly, parents too. It’s not easy.

We’d like to at least make it easier to get the help you need. We have always offered our monthly Perfect Storm Parent Workshop live and in-person, but of course right now that’s off the table as well.

Therefore Dr. Tony and our Team are putting your new favorite (wink wink) digital tool to use, and we’re moving the workshop to a Live Zoom Meeting on Thursday night, April 30th, at 8 PM.

Dr. Tony will spend the first 45-60 minutes going through the full Perfect Storm presentation that has changed thousands of families lives for the better, and then stick around for as long as you need for a Virtual Consult Q & A Session as well!

Simply put your Name, Email, and Cell Phone number in at this link below, and we’ll email and text you the Zoom Link and reminders to make sure you don’t miss it!


While we can’t provide you with Duke’s burgers and great wine and beer like we normally do, we can still refuel your Hope, provide you the Answers not found in the pediatrician’s office or latest specialist appointment, and lay out the Action Steps that tens of thousands of families have taken over the last 13 years of the Perfect Storm work to get:

More calm, relaxed child
Better focus and organization
Improved sleep and energy regulation
Less meltdowns and fewer tantrums
Stronger immune and gut health

This is information and support your family needs now more than ever, and we won’t let the shelter-in-place shut us down from getting you this life-changing information!

Chiropractic is an essential part of health care, so we are still open 6 days a week and able to help our sensory and focused challenged kids get through this time much easier. Please reach out if you have any questions prior to the Live Virtual Workshop!

Zoom soon!

Dr. Tony Ebel and Team PWC



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