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We Are So, So Ready for the New Normal

The "New Normal" is trending, as the cool kids say. It’s got to be the 3rd most said phrase behind the "Stay Home" and "Stay Safe" phrases. And I am in favor of the new normal. Here’s why. According to the CDC, currently of the children living in the United States:

9.4% have ADHD

1 in 54 have Autism (far higher in boys)

210,000 have Diabetes 

The rate of Type 2 Diabetes increased by 21% 

1 in 3 are Overweight 

7.1% have been diagnosed Anxiety 


Also as the kids say, WTH? 

That’s our current normal.

That was the 'old' new normal before Covid, and do you think being locked at home without physical activity, sports, socializing, etc. has helped them eat healthier, get physically fit, and calm their ADHD and anxiety? 

What we all know is that the last 2-3 months will have absolutely accelerated the chronic illness in kids "curve" even more, which is alarming and sad. Not sure what could be more news worthy either, but it barely makes a blip. 

I am a mom who is fed up with this normal. The people right now giving us health advice, are also shutting our kids away from exercise, healthy relationships with their friends and other adults, and weakening their immune systems by lack of exposure to vital germs that boost immune function and resilience. 

We don’t have to all agree on the health advice we take, the foods we feed our kids, or the level of germs we’re comfortable exposing our kids to... and that’s ok. That is why God gave us our beautiful momma (and papa) intuition! We know what’s best for our kids!

Not some masked man or woman on TV, who so often is not a model of health themselves.

Who does? You! You know what’s best for your kids. So let’s embrace the new normal. But not the new normal the people on TV are telling us about, because I don’t love the current normal they got us into.

I want better for our kids and I’m ok with being in the minority if that means my kids have a better chance at a vibrant, strong 💪 , healthy, empowered life. When my husband, Dr. Tony, gets on Facebook and writes or shares a video helping families learn how to STAY STRONG in order to stay "safe" - I want to share it with the world 🌎! 

Parents, I think this pandemic has showed us something really, really big. I hope it’s shown us no one is in charge of our health and the health of our children except us, their parents. I hope it’s shown us it’s OK to speak up when we don’t agree, and that there’s a way to do that peacefully and with respect to everyone’s beliefs.

I hope it’s shown us to think for ourselves, and that the most important time to do that is regarding health decisions for our kids. And hopefully it’s also showed us it’s more than OK to still love 💕 your neighbor with a different opinion. 

The time is now and the new normal for our kids is a must!!! 

If you're OK with the normal the stats above depict, stick to what the traditional medical and traditional media recommend, because it's their playbook that got us to these results. But if you want the NEW "new normal" that hundreds upon hundreds of PWC families live (and hundreds of thousands around the world), then stick with us. We're standing by and ready to support you and guide you towards a future of full health! 

Get adjusted, get empowered and educated, and get within the PWC tribe and community so you can live a STRONG 💪 , healthy, hug-filled life for you and your whole crew! Together we can create the new normal. 







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