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Get The Gift Of Health

Our Best Offer Of The Year! Over $200 Of Savings With Your Consult, Exam, Scans, & Report, Just $47

In addition, the entire $47 is donated to help pay for travel and hotel costs for 2 of our very special Perfect Storm Intensive kiddos to return to PWC and receive the specialized care they need... AND you also are given a $100 Credit towards your personalized care plan once you start! ♥️

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Anyone and everyone who is sick of the constant stress, exhaustion, and anxiety with the burdens of life! This special offer is for YOU if you want to experience more energy, better sleep, less tension, and improved gut and immune health!


Simply click the button above ☝️ and provide your Name, Email, and Cell Phone Number, and our Team will reach out to you right away to get you scheduled at the time that best fits your schedule.


Valid thru January 31st, 2023 - so that you can use it during December to combat the holiday stress if you’d like, or you can get started in January as part of your healthy New Year’s Resolutions! Let us help you get your health back and at full steam in 2023!

There is a total of $200 in Savings 💰 built into this Gift of Health offer, where the Consult, Scans, & Report Process are just $47 and we donate 100% of that to those kiddos! In addition, it comes with a $100 Care Plan Credit already applied when you start care!

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Read About Ginger's Story

Ginger came into PWC because she didn’t want to settle for feeling slowed down by her pain and stress. She’s an awesome mom of teenagers who takes care of herself amazingly but wanted to get to the root cause of her pain ⚡️ and felt there was something missing to feeling her best.

So, she took action 🏃‍♀️  walked through our doors, got scanned, and got adjusted according to her individual care plan.

From the very beginning, she started feeling big improvements and after completing her care plan... Ginger has “SNAP”ed (🍪 , see what we did there 😉 ) back to her best self!!

She said she feels like a whole new person when she wakes up in the morning. Less pain, more energy, and no more brain 🧠 fog. She described it as a “clarity in the head that is hard to explain” until you feel it. Ginger says she’s able to exercise more and sleep 😴  better at night.

We are so excited to now have Ginger as part of our wellness crew. She’s dedicated to her health on so many levels and is truly a pleasure to be around. This momma knows how to fight stress like a boss! 💪 

See Kylie's Story

Kylie is a kiddo who was stuck in a cycle of constant congestion, runny nose, and allergies. 🤧 

Although they had tried numerous holistic protocols and supplements that made a difference, there was a big missing puzzle piece 🧩  needed to get to the root cause of why it kept happening…

Kylie’s nervous system scans showed that there was a lot of extra stress and tension in her body, causing her “plumbing” and immune systems to not be working at their best. So, when the gentle adjustments started clearing out the tension and stress, it FINALLY allowed her body to clear out those sinuses…

With consistent care, Kylie is killing it! 

Mom says:
✨  “She has relief from her allergies and constant sinus problems.”
✨  “Her runny nose is non-existent.”
✨  “She’s doing amazing even with reducing her supplements.”

Mom also says, “We are healing, enjoying warm weather and playing outside with friends. (Her and her brother) are happy and well, both internally and externally!” ❤️ 

Go Kylie!!

If you’re wondering how neurological chiropractic care can help your child thrive, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of our Gift of Health offer.


Get the Gift of Health

Don't Miss Out On Our Best Offer Of The Year! Over $200 Of Savings With Your Consult, Exam, Scans, & Report, Just $47 PLUS $100 Care Plan Credit! 

Claim Your $47 Gift of Health Offer