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PWC's Perfect Storm Intensive Care Program

The Perfect Storm 🌪  Chiropractic Care Program was first created at PWC in 2008 to provide neurologically-focused 🧠, subluxation-centered care for children struggling with autism, sensory, focus, behavioral, emotional, and anxiety related challenges. 

The entire focus of the care program is to work to help unlock and unwind a child stuck 'Perfect Storm' of sympathetic dominance 😬, and restore optimal balance to the Autonomic Nervous System, leading to a more calm, connected, and coordinated child ❤️ ! 

While our regular Perfect Storm Care Programs for local patients are usually is 6-18 months 📆 initially, this Intensive 2-Week Care Program was created to serve out-of-town families at an incredible level, providing two (2) NeuroTonal Adjustments per day along with daily Insight Neurological Scans 💻  for tracking changes and improvements!  

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Learn All About this Incredible Care Program

Watch this entire video to learn about the kids and cases that created the spark for this program, including Dr. Tony's own son Oliver... as well as get all the info you need about how the program works, what is involved, and how to get started! 

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Dr. Tony Ebel 

The Perfect Storm 🌪 was created by Dr. Tony in 2008, after diving deep into the neuroscience behind what was causing so many kids to end up with sensory and spectrum challenges, but most importantly through listening to Mom after Mom share the case history 📝 of their child. From that he was able to map out a clinical care program custom-built for the 'NeuroStorm' 🌪 these kids get stuck in and struggled with. Then in May of 2009, their own son Oliver suffered a traumatic birth and brain injury, and thankfully the Perfect Storm Care Program took him from 1% chance of surviving and being healthy according to the Medical Neurologist Team, to a now wildly healthy, vibrant, and full 11 year old life ✨ ! Since that time, Dr. Tony and his team have done all they can to bring this work to the world! 

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Insight Neurological Scans

While many children in the Perfect Storm category have had a medical neurological exam, traditionally those only look for obvious pathology and diagnosis - they do not actually measure and determine true neurological function, autonomic and vagal tone, or the real key to pediatric brain 🧠 development - neuromuscular tone, symmetry, and pattern. 

These scans are the foundational element of our Perfect Storm Care Program, allowing us to fully customize and personalize the adjustments for your child, as well as continuously track and monitor change and improvement as care progresses! 

At their Report of Findings 📝 parents frequently state, "These scans perfectly depict what's going on with my child ✨!" 

The Most Incredible Patient Care & Support Team Ever

At PWC, we go way beyond expected not just in our clinical care, but with our Patient Experience, Service, and Support as well. Our award-winning Care Advocate Team will help guide parents and kids through every single step of the process with ease, organization, and confidence. 

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Specific, NeuroTonal Adjustments 2x Per Day

Each adjustment is designed to find and release the built up tension 😬 and stress stuck in the sympathetic nervous system, and stimulate and activate the vagus nerve 🧠 and parasympathetic nervous system... activating the "growth and development" mode of the autonomic system, and seeking to ultimately restore balance. 

We refer to this as NeuroTonal Adjusting because the tone of the neuromuscular and motor system is absolutely crucial to a child's health in all areas, neurological, immune, respiratory, gut health, and more.

We work with a "Less is More" approach at all times, where the adjustments can be made in a gentle and easy way, paired with a more frequent adjusting schedule of 2x per day consistently for 2 straight weeks. Each adjustment builds upon the last, and sets up the success of the next.

The expertise of our Perfect Storm Doctor Team is really in the "sequencing 🧮 and pairing" of the adjustments, which sets this approach apart from general pediatric chiropractic care! The Insight Scans are an important element of being able set up that sequence and order of adjusting, and are performed each day following the 2nd adjustment! 

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We can't wait to connect and help your child and family get out of the storm! 

Get Your Child Back on Track

A child's ability to learn, develop, and heal is truly unparalleled. Unfortunately, so many Perfect Storm kids get stuck into the chronic cycle of stress and toxicity so early, that by the time symptoms arise or a diagnosis is made, their autonomic nervous system has been out of balance for a long time. 

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Quick Breakdown of the Science 🧠 Behind the Perfect Storm Care Program

Our adjustments work to restore each of the following 'D's' which are individual and sequential elements of the subluxation process: 

  • Dys-kinesia: abnormal movement and alignment 
  • Dys-afferentation: abnormal neurosensory input, leading to increased nociception 
  • Dys-autonomia: dysfunction and imbalance of neurological control and modulation 
  • Dys-ponesis: abnormal energy reactions and output 
  • Dys-tonia: abnormal neuromuscular tone and movement 
  • Developmental Diaschisis: sudden loss or dysfunction of a neurological control due to injury at a distant, but connected site 
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