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🌟Chiropractic Helps 📖 Homework Time

🌟 Chiropractic and 📖 Homework 


Anyone else feeling the homework crunch time?? The every single day homework struggle? What if I told you homework doesn't have to be a struggle? Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I don’t help much with homework. Addison is almost 12 and very self sufficient and I probably couldn't help her if I wanted to because she's above my grade level ability already. Oliver usually does all his homework with Addison checking his work afterwards. Yes, Addison is the double whammy of awesomeness in this equation. Unless you don't feel like being bossed around, that is not her strength. ;)

Does this homework magic that occurs have anything to do with me as a parent? Sure I'd like to think I'm out of this world killing this parenting thing! But then I have to remind myself the last time I went a full day killing it from start to finish was 2007. (You guessed it, when I became a parent). Truth is, I'm like most parents, busy as heck with work stuff and all the other parenting elements in addition to homework helper! I'm certainly not a professional tutor by any means and I know all kids are different and require different levels of help from us at home. 

But man, watching them sit down nightly and get after their homework with little to no argument, and very rarely hit any tough spots, always makes me think of how grateful I am for chiropractic in my life. You might be thinking, "Okay, that crazy lady that loves chiropractic has taken it up a notch and that makes no sense!" But let me explain...

The brain is the boss of everything (sort of like the mom of the family! haha!). It’s the high powered executive that calls all the shots going on in the body. In order for a child to sit down and focus, they need to be able to quiet their brain and focus. If they can't first calm down, how are they going to sit down and concentrate? This is the first crucial step that chiropractic helps with. 

Some kids so badly want to be able to do a good job with their homework and get good grades (and goodness, that means their parents reeeeeeeeally want that), but if the brain is noisy, busy, energetic and always sensory seeking... sitting down to do homework becomes a near impossible task. That’s frustrating for the child, for the parents, for the siblings, for the teachers and everyone!

The frustration then often boils over to additional emotions of anger, disappointment, resentment, anxiety, and more. And not just for the child, but for the parents and entire family. 

In time, this just builds and builds and becomes a vicious cycle. One mom shared with us how her son would literally carve at the kitchen table with his pencil as the agony and frustration of homework struggles became so immense. Others talk about how it's a "nightly battle" at their house, and how it takes hours and hours to complete because of the constant struggles. 

Here’s where chiropractic comes in again, literally making a parent's life so much easier and efficient. When a child gets a neurologically-focused adjustment, or even better yet an entire consistent series of them (called a Chiropractic Care Plan), their brain and body can experience all the "C's" they need to succeed with homework and school life. 

First they can calm down when needed. From there they can then concentrate and focus. And finally, they can keep all of their responsibilities coordinated and connected together. 

None of that can happen with a properly functioning brain-body connection. When subluxation is in the way (the thing chiropractors take care of), the noisy, disconnected, disorganized brain takes over. But when subluxation is cleared out of the way, the brain-body connection is calm, clear, and connected. 

At PWC, one of the very big changes that sometimes parents didn’t even consider is that homework time has become so much easier! Fewer meltdowns and less frustrations for the whole house!! 🤗

If you’re wondering if your child has a "busy brain" and that is leading to lots of homework frustrations in your house, give us a call to set up a scan. The scan takes 15 minutes tops, is as safe and simple as can be, and will find any and every piece of stress and "noise" that is in the way!

From there, our team of Pediatric and Family Care Experts will be able to determine if chiropractic can help, and will explain it to you step-by-step! See below for an example of these simple yet powerful, completely safe scans. This series of scans is from a little guy who prior to getting adjusted was a "raging bull" child, who struggled every single day with homework, focus, and anxiety. Within a few months all of that melted away as his stress and "noisy brain" was calmed and connected with chiropractic, allowing homework to get done in no time flat and for his grades to soar! 


Give our Care Team a call today and let's make those homework frustrations and tears a thing of the past! 815-455-8213


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