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Good Health Starts in the _______ System

Every year in January most of us take a fresh look and a fresh run at our health, but after the hot mess that was 2020... let's really rock it this year and get our health to the best it's ever been in 2021! 💥

To help you with that process, our PWC Team has committed to DOUBLING the amount of helpful educational content we share with you in all forms! We're going to be sending twice the amount of helpful emails and texts, doubling our Facebook and Instagram content, starting our YouTube channel and Podcast, and also offering 2X the amount of in-person Health Workshops at PWC on Thursday nights all year long! 

We got you, you got this! Your stress 😤 doesn't stand a chance in 2021 with us on your team! 

To kick us off, let's start with where we all need to start, diving right into the most important aspect of our health and wellness - the Central Nervous System ⚡️.

The focus of this email is the quote that is the foundation of our Perfect Storm workshop, which focuses on helping kids with ADHD, SPD, ASD, Anxiety and more. When families set out to help their children with those challenges, they most commonly dive deep into working on two other majorly important 'systems' of our body, attempting to get them functioning better: 

  • Gut Health 
  • Immune Health

Well, it rings true not just for Perfect Storm cases but all of us that in order to get those two vital systems back online and functioning better, we need to start with the 'Master Control' system FIRST. 

The quote by Dr. Lipton perfectly states that the "nervous system controls and coordinates ALL other cells (and systems)" of the body. 

So if you have already tried to "fix your leaky gut", restore your energy 🔋, metabolism, focus, sleep, digestion, and immune response 🤧 with things like Probiotics, Gluten & Dairy Free Diet, Supplements, and Essential Oils and are still struggling with constant exhaustion, lack of energy, physical pain and tension 😠, headaches 😫, bloating, frequent colds 🤒, and brain fog... then you've got to "go backwards to go forwards" and start with that Master Control System, the Central Nervous System. 

We'll nerd 🤓 out more in another email later this week focused more on this concept of "Hacking Your Nervous System" via this thing called the Vagus Nerve, but for now if this email is hitting home with you or someone you know (please forward it to them), then you need to start your 2021 Health Resolutions Journey with the one thing that makes everything else work better - chiropractic care! 

Nothing out there creates a more potent "boost" to nervous system function, releasing tension and restoring energy and balance to that Master Control System than a chiropractic adjustment done just right! 

Best part for those of us with kids, work, and crazy busy lives - it happens in a matter of minutes. 

That is why neurologically-focused 🧠 chiropractic care is the greatest health hack of our time, and one you absolutely should not live without in 2021! 

Depending on where you are with chiropractic as of reading this email, here's 3 action steps for you to take: 

  1. If you're under regular chiropractic care right now, but still feeling more exhaustion, tension, and brain fog than you'd like - up your frequency to 2-3 per week until you get recharged 💥
  2. If you've previously been under care but taken a break, give us a call 📞 and get a fresh set of stress scans and restart right away
  3. If you've never been under care at PWC but you know that right now you need that jumpstart and catalyst to get your health back in 2021, click the image below to learn more and take advantage of our Gift of Health 🎁 Offer that runs through January 31st ($47 Exam & Scans, and $100 Care Plan Credit to get started - our best offer ever)

Get the Gift of Health Voucher!

It really is incredible how much other important aspects of your health respond to chiropractic and taking care of the nervous system, so again if you really do want your Gut & Immune health to hit a whole new level in 2021 - then follow the steps in this email and away you go! 

Happy New Year once again, and thanks for tuning in on our first educational and helpful email of the year! 


The PWC Care Team


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