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What if you could "switch off" your stress?

We all know that if you add it all up, 2020 was a straight dumpster fire of stress on top of stress. We entered last year already overstressed, tense, and anxious... and then all that transpired sent a "surge" of stress on top of that. 

For most of us, it hit us in pretty much all directions - work, home, family, and more. Perhaps most sad of all, it hit our kids hard too. Remote learning 👨💻 has been an immense struggle for so many, no matter their age. Every day is a battle, the same battle. 

So, what if there was actually a way to effectively "switch off" our stress and in turn, "boost" and "activate" our mood and happiness? 

For so many parents especially, this email and quick explanation of things will seem unbelievable. So many parents and people have been stuck in constant fight-or-flight 😬 mode for so long, they don't know anything else. 

Last year before the covid-chaos even hit, I had a mom genuinely ask me during her consult, "Is it actually possible to not be stressed all the time?" 

Parents, let this email be the one to declare to you that, "YES 🙌 IT IS POSSIBLE!" 

But that may not even be the best part! It's actually something that can happen in a matter of minutes, and you don't have to do anything yourself to make it happen except sit down or lie down on a table and relax for a minute or two? 

While we all love an hour-long massage or yoga 🧘‍♀️ session, how many of us parents make the time ⏰  to do that on a regular enough basis? What if you could get similar benefits to that with just a 5-10 minute quick trip 💨 in and out of PWC? 

In fact, it's been known to even get tiny baby 👶 dolls (see below) to relax and go into "chill mode" as well! (Their adjustments do take longer than 5 minutes though, because we have to add in the cuddles and hang out time due to the cuteness!)

Chiropractic adjustments done the way we do at PWC have a profound impact on your nervous system, activating the calming, relaxing, tension-releasing side of your nervous system 🧠  - called the Parasympathetic and Vagal Tone side of your nervous system! 

We see this through our Insight Technology and Scans we use at the office, most notably HRV ("stress test")... and best of all for you, we see it happen immediately after your adjustments. 

  • Stiff neck and shoulders 😬  immediately relax 
  • You can finally take a deep, full breath 💨 
  • The headache and brain fog 🌫 goes away almost instantly 
  • The frown 😞 is quickly replaced with a 😊
  • Fear and anxiety 😥 turn into strength and confidence 💪 

If you or a loved one needs to replace the constant stress with a constant smile 😀like Sarah here above did with care at PWC recently, then hit up the Gift of Health and get started on your road to a healthy, happy life again!

It truly does just take a few minutes. 

If this message hits home with you, and you're already part of the PWC Tribe but have fallen off the wagon a bit... send us a text 📱 or call 📞 and get a fresh set of Scans and Boost Adjustments on the books! 

If this message is one another family member or friend needs to hear, please forward it over and tell them about the Gift of Health 🎁 running until the end of January! They can find that here:

Share the Gift of Health Here

God Bless & Be Well,

The PWC Care Team


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