What do Dead Birds Have to do with Chiropractic?

The first few weeks of this Stay at Home order made me feel like I was pretty awesome.  I'm a homebody so the chance to not leave, no activities to rush to and the chance to wear my fav elastic pants all day. I was a little excited for it!  I had an organized schedule with great time blocks for work stuff and then e-learning stuff. I was organizing closets on the side and keeping up with three meals a day with some sweet snack breaks. 

And then pretty quick things turned into not so awesome...

My balanced work times started to bleed into the scheduled school times. Meals turned into fend for yourself in the pantry, just no talking to me so I can finish up an important work task. Checking off school lessons as we go, turned into papers all over the place, not knowing what day it even is, and no idea if I'm even helping anyone or harming their learning at this point. 


One week I'm giving advice on how to balance working from home and e-learning. The next week I have my lap top out trying to sync up a training calendar (which I ended up doing incorrectly) while helping a 2nd grader with math, a 4th grader take a spelling test, a tween (mad at me that I didn't know how to sew) with a science project, and I'm feeling super overwhelmed.

At this point, I'm still trying to stay on the bright 💡side when I see I started my day on queue #31 in the support chat for my big work project to get finished for the day and I'm finally almost next!! Maybe I can do this!?!

As I'm waiting for the chat text bubbles to start appearing, I hear "Mommy, look! Mommy, look. LOOOOOOK Mommy! Mommy!" I'm hoping my pre-K'er takes me ignoring her as a sign it's not a good time. More "Mommmmmmmmmmmy LOOK!!!" and I know she's not leaving.


So I take one last peak at the chat box and whip my head around and smack in my face is a DEAD BIRD!

Yep, a real, dead, way dead, bird.

I scream really loud, she starts crying because I scare her... But thank God she doesn't drop the dead bird on my kitchen floor.

We have a big window that on occasion birds fly right into and we pick them up and bury them with a little prayer and ceremony. So my sweet little babe with a giant heart was outside playing alone and bored, saw the bird and wanted to make sure we buried it and said good bye.

My screaming and her crying both stop as we take the bird back outside. We wash hands and I make sure she knows I wasn't mad at her, just surprised and that we don't take dead animals into the house. She says ok in her tiny, sweet voice and again I think maybe I can do this. Just in time to see the chat message say sorry they missed me. 😭😭

This moment reminds me I'm a mom doing my best. I get worn out, exhausted, anxiety creeps in and regular daily life gets hard. Let alone this new life for us. Our self care was already hard enough. Yes, it's temporary and we know that but that doesn't make it any less hard. And that's where dead birds and chiropractic collide...

Stress sucks. It really does. We don't like it, any of us. But yet so many of us seem to so easily get consumed by it far too often. What gives? Why is it so easy for us to get caught up and overrun by it?

Well, chiropractic science shows us that answer. It's because we let our nervous systems get overran and overworked, without giving them the "reset and recharge" they so often need in today's world. ESPECIALLY, this version of "today's" world! 

Flip to the bright side though, and holy moly what an advantage it is to get adjusted on a regular basis. All that stress stacks up, builds up, and doesn't just get stuck physically... but literally bombards our brain 🧠and shuts us down mentally, emotionally, and zaps our energy. 

Then, BAM 💥we get adjusted! In literally just a few minutes we can feel days and days of pent up stress release. That stuck feeling we had physically and mentally is almost immediately replaced by a free, clear, energizing feeling all around! 

Moms, dads, kids, and clearly stressed out, window-crashing birds 🐦all need that RELEASE and RESET right now more than ever.

We 💯know this and get this at PWC, because we all are living this life out right alongside you stuck-at-home, juggling our regular jobs and our new teaching ones as well. Money is tight but you're more stressed then ever...

Which is why PWC has a $47 Waiting List Special through May 31st! 

If you're stressed out, tapped out, and about to scream (or even if you already have, but don't want to again!) and you want to see exactly what our scans would show, BUT don't want to leave home right now... That's ok! That's what this is for!

Call us and Save Your Spot first!

Once things open up again, PWC will be humming getting everyone caught up and rebooted back to health! You can take advantage of that special price now, even if you don't want to leave the house quite yet.

And if you just can't wait to get that stress cleared out of your way, chiropractic has been deemed an essential form of health care. Like most things we do at PWC, we're taking that over the top and have so many necessary safety precautions in play so you can feel welcome and safe here. 

So if you want to take advantage right away, we're here! Maybe you need an escape, and it's simply to get groceries, grab a coffee, and come get scanned, we will be open for you! Moms, dads, and the whole family can benefit from chiropractic care!

Give us a call at 815-455-8213 and let us know you want to take advantage of the wait list $47 New Patient Special. We'll get through this together!


Kristina and the PWC Care Team



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