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New Year, Same You

‘Tis the season 

We just finished the gauntlet that is “the holiday season," we rounded the corner on Thanksgiving and ran headstrong into the Christmas season. Schedules were packed full kiddo’s Christmas programs, office holiday parties are here, and for a lot of families some creative and crazy travel schedule to make sure you can fit in all of the events you had.  Then it’s over in one fell swoop and we are staring at all of the “New Year, New You” posts. 


Are you going to be a new you? Or is it time to give ourselves some grace, realize our year was filled with mistakes, not good enough moments and we still crushed it?  I may have volunteered for a snack I forgot about at my kid's school party but I also remembered 900 other things I volunteered for. Also, note to self, no one likes frosting free, food dye free cookies at a class party so save your money and don't volunteer for cookies next year. 


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