What Stress Does to the Nervous System (and it's STRESSFUL right now) 😨😨

Wow. Right?! Just wow. It is a crazy time right now no matter where you are living. Here in McHenry County, we're entering our second month home of the shelter in place with our "back to life" date still unknown. That's tough. There's no way around the fact that things are filled with STRESS right now. 


Unfortunately the added stressors to us all are not only in the forms of every day stress, but added finanical stress, e-learning stress, cooped up in the house stress, and really just stress that seems to be in the air right now. Want to know the #1 most dangerous thing to our health? Stress. And we're living it right now. 

So the question becomes how do I follow the guidelines in place, stay home, AND take care of my health? That's where PWC comes in. We are offering a Wait List New Patient voucher for only $47. 


With lots of experience caring for kids and families, we definitely notice extra stressful times bring extra sickness and struggles...

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