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5 Tips for Better Sleep 💤


In this wildly helpful video blog, Dr. Tony maps out 5 Steps to take for your child (or for yourself) to help get better sleep ! 

Sleep is something Dr. Tony himself struggled with massively for the first 20 years of his life, and he shares that story here and how Step #5 was the key to him finally getting that figured out and back on track so that his focus , concentration , and regulation could get back in order as well! 

Please share with someone who you know needs this video blog and help with their sleep ! 

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Stressed Out Parents - Get Help Here!


The "new normal" does NOT have to be constantly being exhausted, cranky, anxious, and living with constant pain in your neck, head, and shoulders!

This Video Blog is a recording of Dr. Tony's live webinar on the topic, where he provided a 5-Step (plus some bonuses) of Action Items you can build into your weekly routine that help you "outpoint" the stress that consumes and takes down more parents today! 

Get AHEAD of your stress finally, and not only will your life be dramatically more enjoyable and joyful... but your kids will then learn it's possible for them too! 

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